Defeat the Drip with easier access and tissue apposition.

new RhinAer device

RhinAer’s new lower-profile stylus offers easier access and tissue apposition – especially in patients with narrow nasal airways.

Treats the root causes of rhinorrhea, post-nasal drip, and congestion in a single session without ice-cream headaches*.

* Ice cream headaches are also referred to as cold-induced or cold-stimulus headaches

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new RhinAer stylus improvements new RhinAer stylus improvements

Slimmer shaft and tip improve visualization and access

new RhinAer stylus comparison new RhinAer stylus comparison

Angled contact with 10° backward tip tilt for easier tissue apposition

new RhinAer stylus comparison new RhinAer stylus comparison

More malleable distal shaft construction enables customization to unique patient anatomy

new RhinAer stylus
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The RhinAer Stylus is indicated for use in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) surgery for the destruction of soft tissue in the nasal airway, including in posterior nasal nerve regions in patients with chronic rhinitis.

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